1510 E Wood St

Paris, TN  38242



About the staff:


Jason Wade, Event Coordinator, is a Paris native and graduate of Bethel University. He is a long time member and supporter of the arts in Paris, as he has previously been the musical director for the KPAC Young Artists program. As a part of Bethel’s Renaissance Theatre, and as he is currently a member of a semi-professional A Capella group, he has traveled to countless venues and has learned the inner workings of what makes any event happen. Armed with his degree in Music Production and Technology, and the skills he learned as President of Phi Mu Alpha at Bethel University, he looks to bring the Paris Convention Center to new heights. A few words from Mr. Wade himself:



“I’m always looking at the tech anytime I go to a new place. What are they using? How are they interconnected? Is there anything for the general attendee? My goal for the Convention Center is to not only make the process of renting a space for any event hassle-free, but to equip that space with every possible means of communication and entertainment, with the versatility to work for everyone.”

In early 2000, on what was previously the SkyVue drive-in theater lot, an idea came into fruition. This idea, initiated by Mr. Jerry Lewis, was to have a venue where people can come together, for any reason. Thus, our first convention building was opened for business. With a full sized kitchen and a large stage available for a variety of events, business flourished. It was quickly apparent that we needed more space. By 2002, our second building was up and running. This new building struck a chord with customers by offering smaller space options via a collapsible wall. This meant that there were now a total of 3 available spaces to rent, each equipped for different needs.


Today, these 2 buildings are connected into one massive complex, giving our customers the versatility that is so important in today’s world. Over the years, many modifications have been made to increase our customers’ experience, with more improvements always in the works. Mr. Lewis’ granddaughter, Jill Snow, who now manages this complex along with the Quality Inn, a limo service, and apartments all on the same property, has always wanted her customers to enjoy “big city amenities with a small town feel.” At the Paris Convention Center, you get just that. Allow us to welcome you in with a friendly smile, and give you the means to go out and say “let’s come together.”


Jason Wade, Event Coordinator

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